Mixed Verdict as Former CT State Senator Convicted of Forging Documents for Public Financing

Connecticut Post: “The trial stemmed from the mysterious appearance of $500 on deadline which allowed [former State Sen. Ernie] Newton to meet the required $15,000 in campaign contributions. That enabled him to qualify for $80,550 in public financing for his 2012 bid to recapture the state senate seat he surrendered following his federal conviction. Newton, who was the Bridgeport Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate in the run, was defeated in a three-way primary by Andres Ayala, now the state’s Department of Motor Vehicle commissioner.

“The state accused Newton of having five campaign workers sign contribution forms claiming each made a $100 contribution, when none of them gave any money.

“Crosland’s defense included witness testimony that Newton was not at campaign headquarters when the additional $500 in contributions was found. However, the jury found Newton guilty in connection with documents signed by Mark Bogues, Leeta Reed and Zena Galberth.

“Jurors could not reach a unanimous decision on whether Newton violated the law regarding documents signed by Vincent Derr and Alfredo Serrano.”


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