Former TX Gov Has Spent over $1M in Campaign Funds Fighting Abuse of Office Charges

Houston Chronicle: “According to state data, Perry spent upward of $1.1 million on “”legal defense”” since the last week of August. Nearly 40 percent of the legal fees — more than $455,000— went to the law firm of lead counsel Tony Buzbee, a well-known Houston attorney.

“The rest was divided among firms associated with attorneys Ben Ginbsberg, a lawyer involved in the 2000 presidential election recount; Tom Phillips, former chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court; Bobby Burchfield, general counsel for George H.W. Bush’s presidential re-election campaign; and David Botsford, a prominent Austin lawyer who represented Perry during the grand jury process.

“Perry was indicted Aug. 15 on two felony charges stemming from his threat to veto funding for the state Public Integrity Unit unless Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg resigned following a highly publicized drunk-driving conviction. Lehmberg, whose office houses the unit, refused to step down, and Perry carried through with the veto.”


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